Support Tools

Support Tools

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

An excel spreadsheet which is updated on a regular basis with answers to your questions. Email your questions to

Support Email

This inbox is regularly monitored and questions will be allocated to members of the team best suited to respond. We aim to acknowledge your question no later than 48 hours and answer within five working days. Responses will be included in the FAQ.

Download Full Checklist, Resource and Progress Chart

An excel spreadsheet where you can record your progress, assign tasks and see what resources are required.

Resource & Output List

This is a compilation of all the links to resources and outputs for each blog. This should be used in conjunction with the Checklist

Summary of NWL Blog on Data Protection (pending finalisation)

A single summary document and precis of all the blogs, which can be used in conjunction with the website which provides more detail.

GP GDPR guidance pack

Please use this on-line document rather than the one sent to you by email on the 24th May, as it will change over time, to contains the current links and resources.

[Please note that this guidance pack was the first communication sent out to GP practices to help them get an overall understanding of their GDPR requirements. You can still use the pack to get an oversight, but working through the  Checklist of ‘to dos’ in each each individual blog has largely superseded this document]