DSPT Support 2020-2021 No.21

DSPT Support 2020-2021 No.21


Working with Practice Managers, NWL Primary Care Teams, The NWL IG team and the DPO, this page and the documents in it have been put together to help you complete the Data Security and Protection Toolkit (DSPT) by the 30th June 2021.

To avoid a plethora of DSPT support pages we plan to present all the required information on this page. If there is new advice or additional documentation it will be added here.

There are THREE MAIN documents which will help you through your submission


The various sections in DSPT ask for information which will include policies, protocols, guidelines or procedures across a range of different topics. We have used the Data Security Policy from last year to be the overarching document in your practice, where you can edit this for your practice if required.


We have put together an overview document which includes all of the questions within the DSPT and also highlighted in yellow which sections have changed slightly from last year. This contains comments and guidance related to all of the sections and subsections in the DSPT.

Both of these documents are works in progress and the links below (under Output Documentation) will always point to the most up-to-date versions.


This links to question 6.2.2 number of alerts recorded by AV tool in last three months, please filter for your practice appropriately via ODS code, if your practice is not listed please enter 0:

For NHS Brent, Central, West, H&F, Hounslow & Ealing CCGs: Antivirus Alerts 6 months

For Harrow: Please contact Egton Directly

For Hillingdon: Hillingon GP Malware

By now, you should have logged in to the DSPT website and have started to add some of the simpler responses, such as your ICO number and your Caldicott Guardian details, as well as reviewing the mandatory questions.

Here is the web address for the DSPT submissions: https://www.dsptoolkit.nhs.uk/Account/Register

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