eDSM (Enhanced Data Sharing Model) – No. 15

eDSM (Enhanced Data Sharing Model) – No. 15

eDSM additional controls have been designed to ensure that GP’s and Patients have greater flexibility and control over which organisations have visibility of their SystmOne records. The new controls will allow GPs to decide if other SystmOne Organisations involved in the care of their patients can view their patient’s records (subject to patient consent).

In order to implement this change, we have now finalised the list of Organisations with whom North West London SystmOne practices currently share with. These are the Organisations who have signed the CWHHE MOU, Extended Hours Hubs and the practices within NWL CCG’s. These are listed within the ‘SHARED LIST’ that you will see attached. When Organisations are added to the ‘SHARED LIST’ this will ensure that patient records can be accessed, assuming consent has been given.

If you do not switch eDSM on then your practice will not be complying with the Data Protection Act 2018, which requires you to tell your patients with whom you share their data. The eDSM model allows you to do this.

Additional documentation:

Importing the ‘allowed list’


TPP eDSM enhancements_FAQs v.1.1

Allowed List Updates

Current Version – V11


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