Information sharing and the DCC – No. 14

Information sharing and the DCC – No. 14


The provision of an integrated healthcare service in North West London will require robust systems for creating and managing Information Sharing Agreements (ISAs) and Data Sharing Agreements (DSAs). As a result a NW London Digital Data Protection Framework has been designed which includes a template document which can be used to generate these agreements.

A Data Controller Consol will be used as an online repository where local data sharing agreements can be kept in one place. This will allow easier management by identifying the membership, the types of data being shared and the expiry dates of any agreements. It will also allow them to be distributed and signed electronically.

1) Information Sharing  Agreements (ISAs)

As we move towards providing integrated healthcare services in North West London the format and structure of DSAs has been reviewed because of the need to:

  • Manage more agreements between providers sharing health care data
  • Provide templates which simplify and standardise the process
  • Maintain GDPR compliance

As a result of GDPR, the complexity of ISAs and the amount of information they contain has increased. For this reason the information governance standards common to all of them have been distilled into a single overarching document call the Statement of Data Sharing (SDS) which will be signed by the members of any and all agreements. This will allow the pith of any information sharing agreement to be detailed in a smaller and easier to understand document called an Interoperability Service Specification (ISS). The combination of an ISS and the overarching SDS it points to will form the basis of all future ISAs in North West London.

More details about the structure and function of the NW London Digital Data Protection Framework can be found within the SDS document itself.

2) The Data Controller Console (DCC)

The DCC is an easy and efficient way for organisations to store, update and track the status of Information Sharing Agreements and is available to health and care organisation​s across London.

Why use the Data Controller Console?

The DCC increases visibility of agreements between organisations that share information, it also gives real time access to Information Sharing Agreements (ISAs) and control over any changes made to the ISAs.

The Data Controller Console can also help to support organisations with their compliance of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that came into force on the 25th May 2018 by:

  • Increasing visibility and transparency of agreements and processes between organisations sharing information
  • It allows organisations to track their information sharing arrangements and relationships
  • Tracks, reports and monitors information sharing agreements
  • Monitor compliance of sharing with regulations and therefore be confident to transfer on the basis of an adequate decision
  • Standardise templates such as Data Privacy Impact Assessments (DPIAs) and information sharing agreements

The Console also supports efficient Information & Data Sharing (ISA/DSA) between organisations by:

  • Decreasing paper in the system
  • Streamline data sharing processes
  • Creates a standard for sharing: ’Clubs’, data sharing agreements and Data Privacy Impact Assessments
  • Enables organisations to sign up to agreements on mass
  • Increases transparency between partner organisations
  • Reduces duplication in the system by encouraging and supporting transparency and collaboration between organisations

For further information about the DCC see:


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